Wisconsin CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in WI?

CNA salary in Wisconsin

One of the most important jobs in the medical field is the job done by certified nursing assistants (CNAs). The CNA is the backbone of any hospital, nursing home, or nursing facility. CNAs handle many duties such as monitoring a patient's blood pressure, helping patients eat, and even making sure that patients are bathed and dressed. CNAs also are friends to many patients and sometimes they become like family. The CNA salary in Wisconsin is reflective of the important job CNAs do.

The CNA salary in Wisconsin ranges from about $20,000 to $27,000 per year. In contrast, the average salary in the United States for a CNA is about $27,000, meaning that Wisconsin pays well for a good CNA. The salary that a CNA makes is affected by several things such as employer, education, and even location. It is not overly difficult to be trained to be a CNA. Programs are available online, through mail order courses, and through technical schools. Some nursing homes also have certification programs. No matter what program a student chooses, it requires hands on experience for certification.

The job that a CNA chooses will affect the CNA salary in Wisconsin. For example, a CNA who chooses to work in home health will likely make more than a CNA who chooses to work in a nursing home with elderly patients. A CNA working in a nursing home that is owned by a private company will make less than a CNA who does the same work in a nursing home that is owned by a hospital. The difference is the employer and the responsibilities the CNAs have. There are many places that a CNA can work and the more experience a CNA has the more options are available.

The CNA salary in Wisconsin is not made up of just money. Many CNAs also have paid sick days and a week of paid vacation. These types of benefits can vary greatly depending on the employer. For example, many CNAs gain the experience they need in a nursing home where they do not receive paid vacations until they have been there several years before getting a government job that offers not only a higher salary but better benefits. Some employers also allow CNAs to get overtime which means that the CNA is able to make even more money. This is one reason why hospitals and nursing homes are such popular employers for CNAs.