Kansas CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in KS?

CNA salary in Kansas

There are many reasons why someone would want to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in Kansas. Some people like the fact that they will be able to help patients live their lives happily and provide them the support that they need to enjoy life as much as they can. Others see being a CNA as the first step towards a career in the medical field. There are some people who use the experience that they get as a CNA to further their career and become a nurse or medical assistant. The CNA salary in Kansas is another good reason that many become CNAs.

The national average wage for a CNA is around $27,000. This makes sense because the CNA is the main caregiver in many medical facilities. For example, in a nursing home the CNA is the one who is with the patient for around 80 percent or more of the time. If anything changes, the CNA is usually the first one to notice and can immediately alert a nurse or doctor. CNAs are there to calm patients, help them, and even provide comfort for them and for their families. The CNA salary in Kansas ranges from about $19,000 to about $24,000.

Why is the CNA salary in Kansas lower than the national average? For one thing, the national average is decided by taking the salaries of CNAs from all over the country and averaging them together. For another, Kansas has a much lower cost of living than many other parts of the nation. A CNA who lives in California would have to pay much higher costs of living than one who lives in Kansas, so in reality the salary equals out. In fact, some feel that even though the pay is lower in Kansas, the quality of the work and of life is much better than in other areas.

Experience and the employer that the CNA works for decides the CNA salary in Kansas. An entry-level CNA is always going to make less than a more experienced CNA who has been in the medical field for several years. More experienced CNAs will also get better benefits such as paid vacations and paid sick days. Employers such as nursing homes and home health care agencies tend to pay lower salaries than hospitals or government agencies. Some employers require at least a year of experience before hire so many CNAs work their way up the ladder to find the best salary and benefits.