North Dakota CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in ND?

CNA salary in North Dakota

The CNA salary in North Dakota has a very large range. CNAs who make a lower income in North Dakota typically make around $20,000 a year while those who make the most make around $31,000 a year. There are a few reasons for such a huge salary range in North Dakota. One reason is the fact that it is hard to attract anyone to the state because many people believe that there is nothing really worthwhile in North Dakota. The thing is that once they are there many people love the state.

Employers understand how difficult it is for people to begin a new job. The CNA salary in North Dakota starts at twenty thousand for those who have just started a CNA career. For many, this means free training from an employer in exchange for working for them for a certain time period. This time period could be as little as six months or it could be as much as two years. For free training in a career that is not going anywhere, it seems to be a small price to pay. Another advantage of the deal is that CNAs are able to get the experience they need to apply for better paying positions.

Part of what makes the CNA salary in North Dakota vary so widely is the fact that the state does not have a very large population. Higher salaries help to keep certified nursing assistants from leaving the state. The best pay is found in the cities while those who live in rural areas can expect to have smaller salaries. All CNAs are eventually eligible for benefits such as a week of paid vacation every year or paid sick days. Some employers require that a certain amount of time to pass while others only offer such benefits to those who have a certain amount of experience.

Some employers will actually offer more benefits and pay a higher CNA salary in North Dakota in an effort to have more skilled workers in certain areas. Some areas of the state are very remote and this means that there are not enough people working there for the population. A higher salary will usually encourage people to work there, improving the medical care for people in that part of the state. Another advantage of this is that the CNAs are able to negotiate for higher pay because they are considered to be such valuable employees.