Delaware CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in DE?

CNA salary in Delaware

Many people have heard that there is an actual shortage of healthcare workers in the United States. While usually people think of doctors or nurses when the shortage is mentioned, there is another group that needs more people and this group is certified nursing assistants or CNAs. The CNA salary in Delaware is one that is attractive enough that even CNAs who have trained and worked in other states may consider moving to Delaware to take advantage of it. Even if Delaware was not considered to be a place that had a high cost of living, the salary is extremely attractive.

The CNA salary in Delaware typically ranges from $21,000 to $29,000 a year. A CNA may actually make less than that or they may make more than that depending on where they work and who they work for. Experience also plays a role in determining a CNA's salary every year. No matter where a CNA falls in the range of salary there are many employers who will allow a CNA to get overtime which means more money. Some offer excellent benefits such as paid vacations or paid sick days that a CNA is able to take when sick or when needed.

A CNA has many places to choose from for employment. The CNA salary in Delaware is affected by the employer. Private companies that run a nursing facility for example may pay less than a nursing facility that is run by the state government. CNAs can usually choose who they want to work for based on the hours they will work, the location of the employment, and the salary they can expect. However, not all employers will hire a CNA who has little experience and if they do they will not give them the same salary as a CNA who has more experience.

It is important to remember that the CNA salary in Delaware has a great deal to do with experience. Like with any job, CNAs who have little experience and are just entering the medical field will be paid less than those who have worked for at least a year. Every year of experience means that a CNA is able to command a higher paying job at a better employer. Hospitals are sought after because of the high rate of pay but some CNAs also work for the government because they also receive excellent pay. Other CNAs consider their jobs reward enough and are content with lower salaries in exchange to work with children or the disabled.