Minnesota CNA Salary - How Much Do CNAs Make in MN?

CNA salary in Minnesota

The average salary in the United States for a certified nursing assistant, or CNA, ranges from about $18,000 a year to $32,000 a year depending on location. The CNA salary in Minnesota is in the upper range of that with a yearly salary ranging from about $20,000 to $27,000. CNAs have a difficult job and some say the winters in Minnesota make the job even more difficult, especially for those who work with home healthcare agencies and travel a great deal. There are several things that can affect the salary of a CNA.

One of the major things that affect the CNA salary in Minnesota is the location where the CNA works. For example, home healthcare agencies are usually considered to be lower paying jobs because most CNAs who work with them are required to pay for their own gas and use their own vehicles. This means that they have to pay for fuel and travel costs which can affect their pay. Other jobs that pay less are jobs located in rural areas or jobs working in facilities like nursing homes. Some jobs, especially those for larger companies or in the cities, pay much more and require little travel.

There is another thing that affects the CNA salary in Minnesota and that is the experience that a CNA has. Experience is a vital part of securing a good paying CNA job. This is true in any state, not just Minnesota. The more experienced a CNA is the less an employer feels like additional training is required. Employers offer higher salaries and better benefits to CNAs who have more experience. Of course, employers who start CNAs off at lower rates also increase the pay and the benefits the longer the CNA is there and gets experience.

Where a CNA works can have a very big impact on the CNA salary in Minnesota. A hospital is often considered to be the very best place for a CNA to work because of the pay and benefits. However, there are many other places where a CNA can have a successful career. These places are facilities like nursing homes, hospices, and even government agencies. Many CNAs find that they not only enjoy a good salary but a fulfilling career with some jobs. These are jobs such as working with the elderly or with children in a school district. The larger the company, the better the salary often is but this is not always true.