BSN Programs in South Dakota

South Dakota BSN Programs - What You Should Know

Entering the nursing profession is a smart investment in your future. The job security provided by the medical field and the excellent salaries, combined with the opportunity to challenge yourself regularly and help those who are in need of medical treatment, makes for an attractive career. The United States is expected to need almost three million nurses by the end of the decade and there is expected to be a significant shortage, making it a safe bet that you will be able to find employment as a nursing professional for years to come. BSN programs in South Dakota provide the best way to enter the nursing field.

In order to enter BSN programs in South Dakota, you will need to have completed certain prerequisite classes and hold a good GPA. A grade point average of around 3.0 is a good start, although some programs may accept students with a 2.9 or even a 2.8. Credits in basic chemistry, math, and biology classes are usually required as well, although the exact classes may vary from school to school. The competition for certain BSN programs can be stiff, so having the best grades and completion of several core classes is good way to help increase your chances of being accepted into the program.

Earning your BSN will take a total of four years, with very few exceptions. BSN programs in South Dakota normally begin with a focus on core classes needed to comprehend and succeed in the later part of the course. A variety of different chemistry, anatomy, biology, and other programs are standard for the first year or two of the program. The last half of your BSN program will focus on developing nursing skills through labs or clinical settings. You will also learn leadership abilities, communication skills, and a number of psychological principals and how they apply to the medical field.

Once you complete your education, you will be qualified to sit for the nursing licensing exam. If you pass, you will receive your RN certification and be able to enter the medical field as a nurse. A number of different establishments will have use for your skills including hospitals, private practices, and clinics. With a BSN you will be qualified for a wider variety of different positions both providing care and in administrative positions. And if you choose, you can continue to further your education and specialize in certain areas of nursing. BSN programs in South Dakota will help you enter the nursing world with confidence and a deep knowledge of the health care field.

BSN Schools Near You & Online in South Dakota

Presentation College

South Dakota State University

  • Box 2201 Brookings, SD 57007
    Programs: Accelerated BSN, BSN, BSN to DNP, Clinical Nurse Leader, DNP, Family Nurse Practitioner - certificate, Nursing PhD, RN, RN to BSN, RN to MSN

Augustana College

Mount Marty College