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BSN Programs in Illinois

BSN Programs in Illinois

Illinois BSN Programs - Elevate Your Education

Nurses are more in demand than ever. Even with millions of them currently employed across the country, there is still a need for nurses in nearly every community. From private practices to hospitals, employment opportunities abound for those who are qualified nursing professionals. But as with all things, some are simply more qualified than others. For that reason, it's a good idea to consider the BSN programs in Illinois as ways to help yourself stand out. Earning a BSN won't just help you have an advantage over other applicants and workers - it will help you gain the edge you need to obtain a great career.

BSN programs in Illinois provide you with a comprehensive education covering all aspects of the nursing profession. Nurses play a key role in health care and help by collecting patient samples, managing patient data, administering medication, and much more. A quality BSN program teaches them all of the technical skills that they will have to utilize in their day to day job duties as well as providing theoretical instruction as well, covering areas such as helping assess a patient's health and theories on supporting patient families. While the basics may be touch on in an AND program, only the BSN course provides a complete foundation of nursing.


The invaluable skills and knowledge learned through BSN programs in Illinois aren't lost on hospitals or other health care employers, either. Applicants to most positions are given a bit of favoritism if they have a BSN due to their increased education and the skills that come with it. In fact, a large number of nursing positions require applicants to have a BSN in order to be hired. And even positions that don't require a BSN will frequently pay a higher salary to an applicant who has extensive training. Once on the job, career advancement is awarded more often to those with a BSN than to those without, and certain positions such as head nurse are nearly impossible to attain without a Bachelor's degree.

A job in the health care industry can be one of the most rewarding careers in the world, both financially and emotionally. There is always likely to be a need for nurses, but your eventual pay and position will owe much to your education. BSN programs in Illinois provide you with the building blocks to create a solid foundation that will help you through every single step of your career. From higher salaries and better job opportunities to simply knowing that your skills are the best they can be, a BSN will help you in more ways than you realize. It's worth the work.

On-Campus & Online BSN Schools

30 BSN Schools in Illinois

Aurora University

Illinois Wesleyan University

Olivet Nazarene University

Chicago State University

Depaul University

Loyola University

North Park University

Rush University

Saint Xavier University

University of Illinois at Chicago

Lakeview College of Nursing

Millikin University

Northern Illinois University

  • 231 North Annie Glidden Road Dekalb, IL 60115
    Programs: BSN, RN, RN to BSN
    (815) 753-1000

Elmhurst College

Macmurray College

University of St. Francis

McKendree College

Illinois State University

Trinity Christian College

Bradley University

Methodist Medical Center College of Nursing

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Blessing-Rieman College

Concordia University

Trinity College

Rockford College Department of Nursing

Saint Anthony College of Nursing

Lewis University

St John’s College of Nursing

  • 729 East Carpenter St. Springfield, IL 62702
    Programs: BSN, RN
    (217) 525-5628