BSN Programs in Connecticut

Connecticut BSN Programs - What They Can Do for You

The nursing field is an area of the American job market that always seems to be in need of workers. Even with more than two million nurses currently employed, the health care industry is still facing a shortage of them. In other words, BSN programs in Connecticut can help you enter a profession that is constantly in need of workers. You can be assured that you'll be able to find employment practically anywhere you go in the country. Nurses find work in private practices, hospitals, and even research facilities. You're probably already aware of the growing need for nurses, however. But there are many ways that earning a BSN can help you.

The most obvious benefit of graduating one of the BSN programs in Connecticut is the pay. As with many other jobs, salaries in the nursing field are commonly based on experience and education. The more of either one you have, the better your pay is likely to be. A BSN is only attainable through a four year program or by taking a two year course after earning your LPN or RN status. Not only will you be able to earn a higher salary with a BSN, but you'll be more likely to gain employment since most hospitals and private practices favor applicants with more education.


Having your BSN will open up many extra job opportunities as well as numerous advancement opportunities. Hospitals rely on head nurses, nursing anesthetists, and other administrators to help handle various functions. These positions are usually only given to those holding a Bachelor's degree, and in some cases a BSN is required to gain employment in certain jobs. It may seem like the extra education is a thorn in your side, but it is truly helping you in the long run since BSN programs in Connecticut will prepare you and qualify you to assume a wide variety of different positions, giving you a better opportunity to advance your career in addition to your salary.

With a BSN, you'll be ready to enter the health care workforce more prepared than other nursing professionals. You can even elect to specialize in certain areas of health care, focusing on certain organs or body systems or even concentrating your skills towards caring for certain patients such as expectant mothers or children. BSN programs in Connecticut open up a world of career possibilities and opportunities for you. The health care industry is vast, and being well educated and prepared for a number of tasks will help you advance in it. Earning a BSN will help you do just that, and let you take command of your future.

On-Campus & Online BSN Schools

9 BSN Schools in Connecticut

Western Connecticut State University

Fairfield University

Sacred Heart University

Quinnipiac University

Central Connecticut State University

Southern Connecticut State University

Yale University

University of Connecticut

Saint Joseph College