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More than two million Americans currently work in the nursing field, and with good reason. Nursing boasts one of the highest job security rates in the country as well as above average salaries. Add to that the personal satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment that comes with helping sick or injured patients recover, and it's easy to see why so many people decide to become nurses. While there are many different paths that you can take to become a nursing professional, one of the best options available is to earn your BSN through one of the many BSN programs in New Hampshire.

Earning a Bachelor in Science of Nursing degree provides you with a comprehensive education that other programs do not. Over the duration of this four year program, you will learn all of the skills needed to excel as a professional nurse. Nursing duties include collecting samples, consulting with patients, providing support for their families, managing patient data and records, and helping doctors assess and diagnose patients. BSN programs in New Hampshire begin by teaching you the fundamentals of nursing before moving onto clinical experience and lab work. You'll not only learn techniques, but psychology and medical theories that will be applied every day on the job.

Competition to enter BSN programs in New Hampshire can be fierce, and a number of prerequisites are required. These vary, but usually include completion of basic classes in chemistry, psychology, biology, or more. A number of RN to BSN programs exist as well, giving current professional nurses an avenue to earn their Bachelor's Degree online in two years while they continue to work at their normal job. The reasons to continue your education and earn a BSN are the same reasons that you should earn it to begin with. Higher salaries, better job opportunities, and a higher likelihood of career advancement all accompany a BSN.

With a BSN, you will be ready to take the nursing exam and earn a nursing license, which is required to work as a professional nurse. You can find work in a variety of locations including hospitals, long term care facilities, private practices, clinics, and more. The need for new nurses is only expected to grow, and almost three million will be needed by the end of the decade. BSN programs in New Hampshire provide you with the best building blocks possible to build your nursing career upon. You can assume administrative duties, a midwife position, or simply focus on the bedside care that nurses are relied on for.

BSN Schools Near You & Online in New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire

  • 105 Main Street Durham, NH 03824
    Programs: Accelerated MSN, BSN, Clinical Nurse Leader, MSN, RN, RN to BSN
    (603) 862-1234

St. Anselm College

  • 100 Saint Anselm Drive Manchester, NH 03102
    Programs: BSN, RN
    (603) 641-7000

Colby-Sawyer College