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Mississippi BSN Programs - Understanding a BSN

There is little argument that embarking on a career as a professional nurse is an excellent way to secure your future. Few other jobs can offer such security and provide great salaries as well. And of course, helping to provide care for people with injuries or illnesses is its own reward. If you're one of the many who is interested in providing health care to your fellow citizens through a job as a nurse, BSN programs in Mississippi can help you do just that. While there are other paths to becoming a nurse, none offer the wide range of skills and knowledge that are provided by a BSN programs.

To enroll in BSN programs in Mississippi, you'll likely need a few prerequisites under your belt. Exactly which prerequisites you will need varies, but basic anatomy, chemistry, and biology are usually needed. Also, the first year or so of your education usually focuses on a variety of basic nursing classes that are necessary in order for you to take the more advanced classes in the BSN program. Usually, you can take these beginning classes elsewhere and transfer the credits to the school you want to earn your BSN from. After these are completed, you'll likely follow a sequenced course of classes that will culminate in you earning your BSN.

A BSN program will take four years to complete. There are occasionally options to accelerate the process, but in general four years are required. It focuses not only on technical skills needed in the nursing profession, but also on medical theories and leadership skills. Those already holding an RN license but without a Bachelor's Degree can enroll in RN to BSN programs. These two year courses will often allow an RN to complete their classwork online while continuing to work at their job, although some time may need to be spent in a traditional classroom. Several RN to BSN programs in Mississippi are available.

Unless you are already an RN who has just earned her BSN, upon graduation you will still need to take a licensing exam. BSN programs in Mississippi give you all of the knowledge needed to become an RN, but the final step is earning your RN license. Once that is in hand, you will be ready to work in a variety of places including private practices, hospitals, clinics, and long term care facilities. Most employers prefer to hire nurses holding a BSN, and you will likely enjoy a slightly higher salary thanks to your degree. A BSN will provide you with numerous benefits to your professional career, and will also help you provide the best possible care to your patients.

BSN Schools Near You & Online in Mississippi

Delta State University

Mississippi College

Mississippi University – Women

University of Southern Mississippi

William Carey College

University of Mississippi Medical Center

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