BSN Programs in Georgia

Georgia BSN Programs - The Advantages of a BSN

If you've decided to become a nurse, then chances are that you already know the benefits that come with the profession. Job security, great salary, hospital benefit packages, and many other benefits exist within the health care industry. And it seems that there is always an opening for nurses no matter where in the country you go. But many people about to embark on a nursing career don't consider the benefits that a Bachelor's in Science of Nursing degree can give them. It may seem like an extra two years of education isn't worth it, but BSN programs in Georgia can supply you with advantages that you'll be glad you have.

Employers look at education and experience when considering an application. This is as true in the health care industry as it is in any other profession. Many job postings will omit the fact that preference is given to those with a BSN, while some will actually list it outright. A Bachelor's degree is so important that the Institute of Medicine recently announced that all nursing education programs should work towards increasing the total proportion of nurses with a BSN to a staggering eighty percent instead of the current fifty percent. Like so many other areas, education is key, and BSN programs in Georgia can supply you with that education that is so valuable today.


They say that money talks, and that's true here as well. BSN programs in Georgia will help you land a better salary and even a better position. Salaries are often based on education, so that extra education can pay off - literally. And many nursing positions and administrative jobs are only available to those with a BSN, helping you broaden your career opportunities and advance your career further than possible otherwise. And those positions that are only available with a BSN pay significantly more than other jobs that require less education. Simply based on career opportunities and salary alone, earning your BSN is well worth the extra effort.

You may be interested in certain jobs, such as becoming a midwife. The truth is that many nursing related occupations are only available with a BSN. And you can specialize in a certain area as well, such as pediatric nursing or prenatal nursing. While you can get a job as an RN with a lesser degree the truth is that BSN programs in Georgia will help you tremendously in every area of your career, from salary to advancement. Looking at the long term benefits that a BSN can provide to your career, those extra two years are well worth it.

BSN Schools Near You & Online in Georgia

Albany State University

Georgia Southwestern University

Georgia State University

Emory University

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University

Augusta State University

Georgia Regents University

  • 1120 15th Street Augusta, GA 30912
    Programs: Accelerated MSN, BSN, Clinical Nurse Leader, DNP, Family Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner - certificate, Health Information Management-Bachelor's, MSN, Nuclear Medicine Tech, Nurse Anesthetist, Nursing PhD, Physician Assistant, Radiation Therapy, Radiography, RN, RN to BSN, RN to MSN
    (706) 721-0211

University of West Georgia

Columbus State University

Piedmont College

Brenau University

  • 1866 Southern Lane Gainesville, GA 30033
    Programs: BSN, DNP, Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN, Nursing Administration, RN, RN to BSN
    (404) 679-4500

Kennesaw State University

  • 1000 Chastain Road NW Kennesaw, GA 30144
    Programs: Accelerated BSN, BSN, CNA, Family Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Administration, Nursing PhD, RN, RN to BSN
    (770) 423-6000

Lagrange College

Macon State College

  • 100 College Station Drive Macon, GA 31206
    Programs: ADN, BSN, Health Information Management-Associate, Health Information Management-Bachelor's, RN, RN to BSN
    (478) 471-2700

Georgia College & State University

Clayton State University

Armstrong Atlantic State University

Georgia Southern University

Valdosta State University