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Nebraska BSN Programs

Nebraska BSN Programs - Helping you Help Others

If the idea of helping people and providing care for those in need of it appeals to you but you aren't prepared to undergo the lengthy education requirements to become a doctor, a career as a professional nurse could be right for you. There is currently a nursing shortage which is only expected to continue over the next decade, so finding and keeping a job in the nursing field is a much more successful endeavor than it is in other industries. And salaries are higher than the national average, as well. The financial gains, combined with the sense of pride you gain from helping others, make strong cases for enrolling in BSN programs in Nebraska.

BSN programs in Nebraska are four year classes designed to help you become a professional nurse and supply you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your position. Your education will likely begin with general education courses as well as fundamental nursing classes. You'll learn the basics of nursing and develop skills such as taking patient samples, performing initial consultations, filling out and managing patient medical data, administering medicine, and more. Your education will evolve and grow to include classes designed to boost your leadership skills and give you numerous theories and principals you can apply in your job.

After your core education is completed, you'll move to a more clinical setting. BSN programs in Nebraska will usually assign you to rotating clinical duty, where you'll complete hands on training in a real medical setting. You will learn how to apply what you have learned while honing your skills and knowledge until they are the best that they can be. Once you graduate from the program, you will need to take the licensing exam required to gain your license and become an RN. You'll have all of the necessary skills to pass the test, and afterwards you can find work in a number of different medical businesses.

Many nurses who don't hold a BSN eventually realize the important benefits that it can provide for them. For these nurses, several RN to BSN programs in Nebraska exist and will allow them to earn their Bachelor's Degree within two years, usually through online classes that do not interfere with their regular schedule. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree involves a good bit of hard work and dedication. But in the end, the effort is well worth it. In addition to being able to provide your patients with outstanding care, you will enjoy numerous benefits to your career that can only come with a BSN.

On-Campus & Online BSN Schools

Other NE Schools with BSN Programs

Bryan LGH College of Health Sciences
5035 Everett Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506
Clarkson College
101 S. 42 Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68131
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68178
Methodist College of Nursing
720 N 87th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68114
Midland Lutheran College
900 North Clarkson
Fremont, Nebraska 68025
Union College
3800 South 48th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506
University of Nebraska Medical Center
60th & Dodge Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68182