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Florida BSN Programs - The Basics

Nursing is one of the most vital job fields in the health care industry. Registered nurses handle a wide range of different tasks including managing patient charts and data, initial consultations, collecting samples, administering medication and intravenous injections, supporting a patient's families, and helping doctors diagnose patients. With such a massive range of different tasks resting on their shoulders, nurses often undergo extensive education before obtaining their degree. BSN programs in Florida are four year courses designed to prepare a student for all of the various tasks that will be expected of them, as well as supplying them with additional training not provided with a two year program.

BSN programs in Florida consist of a number of different elements. Initially, most focus on fulfilling the general education requirements needed for the course. With those taken care of, the course becomes much more focused on the health field. Most courses combine classwork and tests with extensive hands on training, usually utilizing a combination of laboratory work and experience with medical professionals. All aspects of the nursing profession are touched on, including the different techniques used in the field as well as the theories that drive the health care profession. The combination of theory and technique help to provide a deep understanding of the nursing profession.


Doctors often specialize in a certain area of expertise, and many people are surprised to learn that this is possible for nurses as well. Some BSN programs in Florida may offer students the chance to focus their nursing skills on a certain area such as specialization in the heart or bones, or focusing on pediatrics or prenatal care. These specializations will lead to more exact career opportunities for the nurse, and they will likely be even more satisfied with their job when it focuses on an area they care about. Specialization or not, earning a BSN will make any applicant more attractive in the eyes of a potential employer.

Many nurses don't realize the added benefits that a BSN can give them. The higher pay and increased job advancement opportunities that accompany a BSN can lead them to decide that earning a Bachelor's degree is the right call for them. In addition to the standard BSN programs in Florida, there are also RN to BSN programs that will allow current nurses to earn their BSN in their spare time, opening up many more doors for their career. Choosing a great BSN program only takes a little research. With a few years worth of effort, your future will be brighter than the sun.

On-Campus & Online BSN Schools

23 BSN Schools in Florida

Florida Atlantic University

University of Miami

Bethune – Cookman College

Florida Gulf Coast University

Nova Southeastern University

Indian River Community College

University of Florida

Jacksonville University

University of Florida

University of North Florida

Florida Southern College

Florida International University

University of Central Florida

Pensacola Christian College

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    Programs: BSN, RN

University of West Florida

South University

Florida A&M University

Florida State University

South University

University of South Florida

University of Tampa

Palm Beach Atlantic University