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BSN Programs in Arkansas

BSN Programs in Arkansas

Arkansas BSN Programs - An Investment in Your Future

The health care industry is one of the leading areas of employment in America. While other sectors of the country's job market have declined and unemployment figures have grown, the opportunity to find employment in health care continues to remain strong. The nursing industry alone employs more than two million people, and still faces a shortage of workers. With jobs open in nearly every state of the union, graduating from BSN programs in Arkansas will leave you prepared to find employment and follow your dreams anywhere that you go. BSN degrees provide more opportunities and better pay than other nursing degrees can, making them attractive options for anyone serious about their profession.


A job in the nursing field can involve many, many things. Tasks include performing exams, collecting samples, consulting with patients, and even helping doctors diagnose and treat patients. When you enroll in nursing programs, including BSN programs in Arkansas, you can often select different areas of expertise you'd like to study in. Want to focus on a specific area of medicine like the heart or orthopedics? You can. You can also elect to specialize in working with children or other certain types of patients. Just like doctors, nurses often specialize in areas that most interest them or pertain to their skills and knowledge.

While BSN programs in Arkansas consist of an extra two years worth of education over LPN or RN courses, the extra education and experience pays off big. Many job positions cannot be held without a BSN, such as a midwife or a nursing anesthetist. Gaining the title of head nurse in a department is usually difficult to do without a BSN in hand, as well. And all of the different nursing positions available throughout the country will usually show a hiring preference to those with a BSN over other degrees. And of course, gaining your BSN pays off in another important way - a higher salary.

Electing to gain your BSN will place you closer to gaining a Doctorate degree and furthering your education even more. For those who already hold an RN degree, there are many RN to BSN programs in Arkansas that will let you achieve a BSN within two years, and you can earn it while you continue to work as a nurse in your current position. Higher pay, better employment opportunities, more chances of career advancement, and the satisfaction and pride that comes with knowing that you're helping sick and injured people with their recoveries are all reasons to consider earning your BSN today.

On-Campus & Online BSN Schools

10 BSN Schools in Arkansas

Henderson State University

University of Central Arkansas

University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas – Fort Smith

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

University of Arkansas – Monticello

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Arkansas Tech University

Harding University