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BSN Programs in Indiana

Indiana BSN Programs - Seize Your Opportunity

For many who are considering what career path they should embark on, and for many currently pondering a career change, the world of professional nursing is an attractive choice. And why not? While many of the country's industries are lagging behind, nursing is going strong. In fact, of all the different professions, nursing ranks first in projected job growth over the next few years. By the year 2020 the country is estimated to need almost three million nursing professionals, which falls far short of the estimated number of nurses who will actually be employable. For job security and stability alone, earning a degree through BSN programs in Indiana can't be beat.

Of course, the opportunity to find employment is wonderful on its own, but salary is a common question for anyone looking at their career options. While the nursing industry itself pays well above the national average, BSN programs in Indiana supply an added boost to annual income since most employers are willing to pay more for a more skilled and well educated nurse. Most professional nursing salaries average around sixty thousand dollars, and numerous hospitals and other health care employers frequently offer sign on bonuses between one thousand and six thousand dollars. A BSN will help you land the most competitive salary on the market.

Employee benefits are the talk of the nation, and most professional nurses enjoy numerous benefits, often an excellent insurance policy and retirement plan at the very least. And new positions open up, career advancement opportunities flourish. Having tenure on a job is great, but an excellent education can go a long way towards earning a promotion. BSN programs in Indiana provide students with the most comprehensive, solid nursing education that is available. Employers will take this into consideration not only during initial hiring, but also when promotions are being considered. A BSN is a great asset to have in the workplace.

Beyond the benefits that BSN programs in Indiana provide to graduates, they also provide numerous benefits to patients. The skills you learn while earning your BSN will come into play every single day on the job and your patients will benefit from it. Whether you're assessing their overall health, administering medications, or answering questions from them and their families, the techniques and theories that you learn from your BSN program will be utilized on a regular basis. The extra money and benefits that come with a BSN are valuable indeed, but knowing that your patients are being cared for thanks to your expertise is absolutely priceless.

On-Campus & Online BSN Schools

Anderson University

University of Evansville

Indiana University

Goshen College

Marian College

University of Indianapolis

Indiana University

Indiana Wesleyan University

Bethel College

Ball State University

Indiana University

St Mary’s College

Indiana University

Indiana University

Indiana State University

Valparaiso University

Purdue University

Purdue University