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New Mexico BSN Programs - The First Step to a Great Career

While many American job markets are struggling, the health care industry continues to need new workers regularly. It seems there has always been a shortage of professional nurses, and predictions maintain that that shortage will continue. Job security is an important aspect of any career, and nursing certainly has it in spades. It also has a great average salary that is above the average for most other professions, and the personal rewards of providing care to sick and injured people is valuable in its own way. Earning a BSN is a great way to ensure that your career as a nursing professional goes as far as it possibly can. Numerous BSN programs in New Mexico can help you attain your goals.

BSN programs in New Mexico are four year courses. Normally, prerequisite class credits you'll need before joining vary but often include basic anatomy, biology, and chemistry classes. Once enrolled in the program, you'll focus on a variety of different subjects since a nurse handles a variety of tasks in the workplace. The first couple of years of the program normally focus on earning your credits in general education courses and some basic nursing classes. The focus shifts over the last half of the program, and your time is spent learning leadership skills, nursing principals, and spending a great deal of time in labs and clinical settings learning the skills and techniques used as a nurse.

You'll learn to draw blood, administer injections, set up IVs, take basic patient data, perform initial consultations, manage patient information, assess a patient's overall health, help a doctor reach a diagnosis and treatment plan, and much more. In short, everything a nurse may be expected to do on the job is taught through BSN programs in New Mexico. While there are other courses that teach much of this, only a BSN delivers the training that helps you comprehend medical theories which can be applied every day. Most nursing employers look favorably on applicants with a BSN, and you'll simply qualify for more job positions than you would without a Bachelor's Degree.

The Institute of Medicine has urged nursing training centers to help boost the ratio of nurses with a Bachelor's Degree to eighty percent of the overall nursing workforce. This should help to illustrate the importance of a BSN and the high regard with which it is looked at. In addition to helping increase your potential salary and being qualified for even more job positions, you will have the largest set of nursing skills possible which will help your patients receive the stellar level of care that they deserve. The extra effort of earning a BSN will pay off every day after you graduate. In short, BSN programs in New Mexico can help you take the first step towards an excellent career.

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University of New Mexico

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    Programs: Accelerated BSN, BSN, EMT Paramedic, MSN, Nuclear Medicine Tech, Nursing PhD, Physician Assistant, Radiography, RN, RN to BSN
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