BSN Programs in Montana

Montana BSN Programs - What You Need and What to Expect

The decision to become a professional nurse is one that will lead you down a path filled with rewards, both financially and emotionally. The nursing profession features job stability that is almost unmatched, and the average salary for professional nurses is above the national average of salaries in other industries. Entering the nursing field can be done in a variety of ways, but most agree that earning a Bachelor in Science of Nursing degree will provide you with the strongest possible foundation on which to build your career. BSN programs in Montana will teach you everything you need to excel in this exciting and rewarding job industry.

In order to enroll in BSN programs in Montana, you'll need to have completed a few basic courses. The exact prerequisites may vary a bit, but usually include a mixture of chemistry, psychology, writing, statistics, anatomy, and biology. BSN programs are four year courses. The first two years of studies usually focus on general education classes and basic nursing classes. You'll learn to read and record patient charts, draw blood and collect other patient samples, administer medication, and more. The final two years are usually focused on more advanced nursing and you'll likely work directly with patients in a clinical setting, using hands on learning to hone your craft.

BSN programs in Montana don't automatically qualify you for work as a professional nurse, but they do qualify you to take the licensing exam. When you pass this test, you will be granted your RN license and will be allowed to work in a variety of different medical establishments such as clinics and hospitals. Holding a BSN gives you a distinct advantage over other nurses, and many licensed RNs decide to further their education by earning a BSN through a RN to BSN program. These two year courses can usually be completed online, and will allow current nurses to complete their education without interfering in their work.

You may also have the chance to specialize in a certain area. Some BSN programs in Montana might give you the option to focus on a specific type of disease or on certain parts of the body. You might even elect to specialize on certain patients, such as children or expectant mothers. Nursing can be an extremely rewarding occupation. Knowing that you've helped the healing process in those who need it can give you mental and emotional satisfaction. And holding a BSN can help you get the most out of the nursing field financially. You'll be more qualified for advanced positions, both initially and through promotions. Earning a BSN is a worthwhile endeavor that will pay off for the rest of your life.

BSN Schools Near You & Online in Montana

Montana State University

  • 211 Montana Hall Bozeman, MT 59717
    Programs: BSN, Clinical Nurse Leader, LPN to BSN, RN
    (406) 994-0211

University of Montana – Montana Technical

  • 1300 West Park Street Butte, MT 59701
    Programs: ADN, BSN, CNA, LPN, Radiography, RN

Carroll College

  • 1601 North Benton Ave. Helena, MT 59625
    Programs: BSN, RN
    (406) 447-4300