Radiation Therapy Programs in Wisconsin

How to Become a Radiation Therapist in Wisconsin and Radiation Therapy Programs in Wisconsin

Radiation therapy is a booming career field because of the high salaries that radiation therapists make, and Wisconsin is a popular state where many people like to live. Native Wisconsinites often find themselves drawn back to Wisconsin even if they spend a part of their life in another place such as the west coast or New York City. Radiation therapy programs in Wisconsin are becoming more competitive simply because of the population boom and the fact that Wisconsin is such a great place to live.

If you want to know how to become a radiation therapy professional in Wisconsin, you'll want to take a look at the different programs that are available to you. There are several that range in terms of length and difficulty level of the program, certificate offered, and price of the degree. La Crosse has a well-known and prestigious program that is focused on radiation therapy. There are other programs, though, that are less intense and will still prepare you for a fulfilling and lucrative career.

You can go to school part time in many places, and you may enjoy studying with a diverse student body or with other adult learners. Some programs offer dorms and a more traditional college experience. These include La Cross and Concordia. You will want to think about class size too. Many technical colleges such as Chippewa or Gateway have small intimate classes that will allow more hands on experience for you as you train for your radiation therapy career in Wisconsin. Some other popular schools for studying radiation therapy in Wisconsin include technical colleges in Madison, Milwaukee, Moraine Park, and Northcentral, as well as Blackhawk. All of these offer associate's degrees, and you can get a PhD from Concordia, La Crosse or other top universities.

Radiation therapists in Wisconsin can expect to make anywhere from the high 50,000s to the low 100,000s. This is an attractive salary in a tough economic climate. Salaries vary based on education and experience, and there is plenty of room for growth and for making more money the more years you put in on the job. Radiation therapists have to be ready to work with patients in a hand on manner and to be precise and detail oriented. They will learn skills for working complicated and sophisticated technology in order to assess patients' conditions and needs.

Radiation Therapy Schools Near You & Online in Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

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