Radiation Therapy Programs in Mississippi

How to Become a Radiation Therapist in Mississippi - Radiation Therapy Programs in Mississippi

Radiation therapists provide assistance to oncologists in giving radiation to patients to treat cancer. Radiation is a form of treatment that, if it is pointed at a localized area, can break down cancer cells. This will either stop the growth of certain cancers and tumors or shrink the cancer down to a manageable size. Radiation therapists require interpersonal communication skills and a great deal of compassion to handle their day to day job. They interact with the patient most often, and need to communicate with the patient as well as the doctor to do their job effectively.

Due to the dangerous nature of radiation, radiation therapists are trained with highly specialized focus on safety. This professional has a responsibility to themselves and their patients to use caution when handling the radiation equipment. This profession requires training in medical terminology, human anatomy and technology science. To become a radiation therapist in Mississippi, one must complete their high school diploma or equivalent. Most programs require the student to complete their undergraduate training or obtain a bachelor degree before applying to a radiation therapy program. A training program will offer certification after an exam is taken and passed.

To become a radiation therapist in Mississippi, the coursework that a person must complete will have a great deal of technical knowledge. This is due to the technical nature of the job. This in combination with the medical science knowledge makes this an extremely well respected career. Those who complete their training program will also typically have completed clinical work as well. Most employers will hire radiation therapists that have some medical background and experience. They will have completed course studies in radiography, medical science and terminology, physics and anatomy.

Most radiation therapists in Mississippi work in a hospital, cancer center or radiation center. They normally work a regular 40 hour work week. This position has a good outlook and growth is expected to be at 21% over the next ten years. There are many health facilities that use a radiation therapist to treat many types of cancer patients. Safety is always a big concern when handling radiation, so they will need to be sure and maintain their continuing education credits to keep up with the industry standards. This is a regulated industry that has specific standards that each employee must adhere to when working around or handling radiation equipment of any kind. In order to remain certified these continuing education units are especially important.

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