Radiation Therapy Programs in New Mexico

How to Become a Radiation Therapy in New Mexico - Radiation Therapy Programs in New Mexico

Anytime a patient needs to receive radiation therapy, they go to a radiation therapist for treatment. It is predominantly cancer patients who see radiation therapists, but there are certain other health conditions that may require dosing with radiation. The radiation therapist is responsible for delivering the concentrated dose of radiation to the area of the body that the doctors have prescribed, as well as maintaining the equipment, making sure the patient is well protected from extra radiation dosing to the unaffected parts of the body, and making sure to keep very detailed records of the patient's radiation therapy treatment for the doctor to consult for future treatment plans.

In New Mexico, if you want to become a radiation therapist, all you need to do is go to a community college and earn an associate's degree. Some employers will hire candidates who have only gotten a certificate, but you will want to check and make sure before you go that route instead of with the associate's degree. During your course of study, you will spend time in the classroom learning everything you need to learn about the human body and radiation as therapy, and then you will spend a lot of time in the field working with a radiation therapist so that you get field experience. After you successfully complete your radiation therapy degree, you then need to become certified and licensed before you can work as a radiation therapist in New Mexico.

Radiation therapists in New Mexico can earn anywhere between $68,000 and $80,000. It depends on who you work for, the city you work in, and your level of experience in the field. Naturally, if you work in a larger New Mexico city, you will make more than those who work in smaller New Mexico cities. The national average annual salary for radiation therapists is close to $75,000, so that should help put the New Mexico salary into perspective.

One thing you need to keep in mind as you are heading into the career of being a radiation therapist is that you will mostly be working with cancer patients. Working with cancer patients requires a certain amount of sensitivity. It is vital in their treatment that they come into contact with as many positive medical professionals as possible. Always be sure to be encouraging, positive, friendly, and uplifting so that you can help your patients feel better while they are getting their radiation therapy treatment with you.

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