Radiation Therapy Programs in Arkansas

Become a Radiation Therapy Technician in Arkansas and Radiation Therapy Programs in Arkansas

Becoming a radiation therapy is a good job choice. Different forms of cancer are being discovered daily, many of which respond well to radiation. In Arkansas, any individual who works in a setting where radiological testing is involved must be licensed. There are several levels of licensing, depending on the sort of work that is done. An exam, set by the state, is required in order for anyone to obtain a license to work as a radiation therapy technician. In addition to licensing that follows in-state training, licenses from some other states with similar requirements may be accepted.

One of the most popular types of radiation therapy programs is a Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy degree. This provides students with the background for helping oncology patients who have been prescribed radiation treatments. Several different aspects are covered, including patient care, pathology, and radiobiology. Core general education and specialized courses are both required. Clinical training is provided during the degree program that includes the latest advances in high energy therapy machines. Graduates of radiation therapy programs in Arkansas will have the skills to work in some of the state's best radiation therapy facilities

This can be a very rewarding career for someone who is dedicated to working with patients in a very intensive job situation. A high degree of professionalism is required, as well as being able to communicate with the patients about the treatments. It is necessary to chart the patient's treatment carefully, as well as know how to identify complications that may arise. The therapist will be very instrumental in helping the oncologist structure the treatment plan for the patient. One skill that is vitally important is being able to work very effectively with others. This helps the entire process go much more easily for the patient and their care team.

Radiation therapists can find work at some of the best hospitals in Arkansas' metropolitan areas. From public hospitals to faith-based hospitals, there are many options that have oncology departments. The salary levels are below the national average, and may vary by city. Fayetteville has a median salary of $60,000 for licensed radiation therapy technicians. At the low end of the pay scale in this area, the salary is about $50,000. At the high end, the salary is about $72,000. One advantage of this sort of position is the opportunity for career advancement.

Radiation Therapy Schools Near You & Online in Arkansas

Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute

  • P.O. Box 55050 Little Rock, AR 72215
    Programs: Radiation Therapy
    (501) 603-8866

Arkansas State University

  • 2105 E. Aggie Road State University, AR 72467
    Programs: Accelerated BSN, ADN, BSN, LPN to BSN, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nurse Anesthetist, Radiation Therapy, Radiography, RN, RN to BSN, Sonography
    (870) 972-2100