Radiation Therapy Programs in Delaware

how to Become a Radiation Therapy in Delaware and Radiation Therapy Programs in Delaware

Radiation therapy is one of the fastest growing areas of medical technology in Delaware and many places around the United States, such as California and Texas. It is also one of the most highly paid and generally requires extensive academic and field training. Delaware is a particularly good place to study and practice many forms of radiation therapy thanks to the extremely advanced cancer treatments available at Kent General Hospital. Kent General has recently deployed extremely sophisticated Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) that portends a technology revolution for this area of healthcare in Delaware. It is a great time to discover how to become a radiation therapy in Delaware!

Cancer is usually considered the number two killer in the United States behind heart disease. Almost 550,000 Americans die of cancer every year, averaging about 1,500 people every day. Unfortunately, as the population ages this figure is likely to increase. Every day, new types of carcinogens are being discovered and new connections are being made between the environment and these afflictions. Since cancer can appear virtually anywhere in the human body, Delaware radiation therapists are on the front lines when it comes to treating cancer-related disorders through radiation. Radiation is used to kill cancer cells while, ideally, minimizing surrounding tissue damage.

Radiation therapy programs in Delaware adhere to strict licensing requirements. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists can help you learn more about the requirements there and elsewhere, as they are constantly being revised. You may also contact the Delaware State Department of Health and Social Services, which is responsible for setting the standards for radiology technicians. In Delaware, most technicians will hold either a two-year associate's degree or four-year bachelor's degree, with a slight employer preference for the four-year degree. Additional training will allow you to specialize and increase your base salary. Many professionals seek lucrative opportunities in other states following their training, although re-licensing may be required.

The median salary for a radiation therapist is over $74,000, and may be higher in the densely populated areas of Delaware. The top salaries are to be found in other states, although Delaware salaries are very competitive. Specialized cancer treatment centers tend to offer the greatest base salary and benefits. The most traditional path of career advancement for a radiation therapist is dosimetry. Dosimetrists are involved in calculating the correct dose of radiation to be used in cancer treatment. Gaining skills in this area allows the therapist to manage virtually all of the major therapeutic functions that a patient might need.

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