Radiation Therapy Programs in Minnesota

How to Become a Radiation Therapy in Minnesota and Radiation Therapy Programs in Minnesota

Radiation therapy is growing throughout the United States at a rate of 28% in terms of the number of specialists employed in the field. Although the incidence of certain kinds of cancers is lower in Minnesota than the national average, the interest in radiation therapy also touches on the Twin Cities areas and many other places in the state. It has been estimated by that by the middle of this century, all major cities will be serviced by a fully equipped cancer center using the latest radiation therapy and laser technology. That may be hard to believe, but cancer may be the country's biggest public health threat!

Millions of Americans succumb to cancer each and every year. Although there are some initiatives out there to develop advanced 'targeted' cancer treatments that do not require radiation, well over 75% of Minnesota cancer patients will receive a combination of drugs and radiation therapy. Direct radiation is used to attack and kill cancer cells in cancerous tumors. It must be used judiciously by Minnesota radiation therapy technicians, since it is dangerous and can degrade healthy cells around the tumor. Radiation therapy programs in Minnesota will teach the therapist how to handle these dangers and provide the vital care that cancer patients rely on.

Would you like to know how to become a radiation therapy technician in Minnesota? Since radiation therapy is a potentially dangerous technician, the licensing and credentialing standards for this profession are a bit more stringent than some other allied health professions. Most radiation therapy professionals will hold a two year associate's degree which requires twelve or more classes to be attended full time. You will also find a limited number of bachelor's degree programs focused on radiation therapy. These are intended to help professionals advance to responsibility over planning patients' radiation dosages and targeting -- which, in the past, was typically handled by another professional.

Minnesota radiation therapists join an elite group of health professionals who work includes handling radiation. They will receive a median salary of $74,000 nationwide, with many in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area receiving somewhat more. Pay is, of course, commensurate with experience, but starting salaries also tend to be high. With further training and background in the science of radiation, these therapists can continue to advance. A sizeable portion of radiation therapists gain enough technological knowledge to work for suppliers of medical machinery, who are constantly aiming to improve the way radiation-based therapy works in clinical settings. Whatever you choose, you will be helping many people!

Radiation Therapy Schools Near You & Online in Minnesota

Argosy University

  • 1515 Central Parkway Eagan, MN 55121
    Programs: Medical Assistant, Radiation Therapy, Radiography
    (651) 846-2882

University of Minnesota

  • 80 Church St. SE Minneapolis, MN 55455
    Programs: Accelerated MSN, BSN, BSN to DNP, Clinical Nurse Leader, DNP, Nursing PhD, Radiation Therapy, RN
    (612) 625-5000

Mayo Clinic

  • 200 1st St SW Rochester, MN 55905
    Programs: Nuclear Medicine Tech, Radiation Therapy, Radiography
    (507) 284-4943