Radiation Therapy Programs in South Dakota

How to Become a Radiation Therapist in South Dakota and Radiation Therapy Programs in South Dakota

Radiation therapists have an essential role in cancer treatment plans. Patients who are struggling with this life-threatening disease have a whole team of healthcare professionals working together to find the best solution. Radiation therapists are responsible for administering the various types of radiation treatments that are used to fight cancer. This is an important job and requires as many interpersonal skills as technical skills. If you want to learn more about how to become a radiation therapist in South Dakota and radiation therapy programs in South Dakota, keep reading to learn if this career path may be right for you.

Radiation therapists can find employment in hospitals, clinics, private physicians' offices, and cancer treatment centers. They use ionizing radiation to target and treat malignant cancer. Radiation therapists are supervised by radiation oncologists. Part of the therapist's job is to observe how the patient is handling the radiation. If he or she notes any problems, they will be discussed with the supervising oncologist to determine the best course of action. Radiation therapists will do everything possible to make these treatments as comfortable as possible for the patients. If you're interested in this career in South Dakota, there is one training program for you.

Mitchell Technical Institute offers the only program in the state that is focused solely on radiation therapy. This program can be completed in one year with the inclusion of a summer semester. There are 18.5 credit hours the first semester, 13 in the second, and 15 in the third. Graduates will receive an associate of applied science degree. Courses that are included in this program include first aid, nursing and patient care, radiation therapy, clinical radiation oncology, radiation biology, and sectional anatomy. In the final semester, students will have a clinical practicum where they can practice their skills in a hands-on environment.

There are lots of career opportunities for radiation therapists. Those in this profession can also pursue continuing education to become diagnostic medical sonographers or registered nurses. The average annual salary for a radiation therapist is $72,910 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you enjoy working with technology, are detail oriented and organized, and have a personable touch with others, this could be the job for you. This is a great healthcare career field for anyone who wants to make a difference. Best of all, you can completed your education and get started on the job in just a year.

Radiation Therapy Schools Near You & Online in South Dakota

Mitchell Technical Institute

  • 1800 E. Spruce St. Mitchell, SD 57301
    Programs: Medical Assistant, Radiation Therapy, Radiography