Radiation Therapy Programs in Nevada

How to Become a Radiation Therapist in Nevada- Radiation Therapy Programs in Nevada

Radiation therapy is a career within the oncology field that will allow you to work with cancer patients, administering their radiation treatments as needed. These professionals typically work in hospitals or cancer treatment clinics, as a part of the cancer care team for patients who are suffering from this disease. This career requires at least a 2-year degree, but some jobs will require a bachelor’s degree in order to work as a radiation therapist. Radiation therapy programs in Nevada are vast. If you take the time to learn how to become a radiation therapist in Nevada, you will easily find the information and resources that you need.

Radiation therapy programs in Nevada are available from traditional colleges as well as online schools. Students can study all of the important courses that they need in whatever format suits them best. Then, they will be required to complete an accredited training program, which typically involves a year-long certification process. The competencies required include physics, human anatomy, writing, public speaking, physiology, research methodology, and others. These courses will help prepare everyone for a radiation therapist career, no matter where they choose to work.

In Nevada, there is no requirement for becoming AART certified as a radiation therapist, but having licensure can definitely boost your credentials. You should talk to your school or people in your future career to see whether getting a license is in your best interest. Of course, most employers do require the AART certification, even when you aren’t required to have a state license to work as a radiation therapist. The licensing process is simple but you should always get the facts to make sure that you are doing things accordingly.

The future of this career is varied, depending on location. In Nevada, the career seems to be growing slowly, offering future career opportunities for students who earn this degree. The average annual salary for radiation therapy is $66,000, which may be higher or lower depending on where you work, whether you are licensed, and how much experience or education you have. Outpatient care centers usually pay more while hospitals typically have a lower salary range for their therapists. In the next decade, this career is expected to grow by 20%, which is quite significant. The increasing demand for healthcare professionals makes this a great career choice for anyone who is considering it.

Radiation Therapy Schools Near You & Online in Nevada

College of Southern Nevada

  • 6375 West Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89146
    Programs: ADN, CNA, EMT Paramedic, Health Information Management-Associate, LPN, Radiation Therapy, RN
    (702) 651-5086