Radiation Therapy Programs in Maryland

How to Become a Radiation Therapy in Maryland - Radiation Therapy Programs in Maryland

Radiation therapists are a necessity in the medical world. Radiation therapists are the ones who are trained to administer radiation treatment to patients who need it as well as take x-rays of patients. Some of the other responsibilities that radiation therapists have include: cleaning and maintaining imaging equipment, making sure the appropriate areas of the patient's body is the only part receiving the radiation, making sure that the radiation therapist is protected from radiation, and inputting the data from the patient's visit into the computer. It may seem like a lot of stuff, but it is all fairly simple and goes by much quicker than one might think.

In order to become a radiation therapist you will need at least an associate's degree in radiation therapy, but many go ahead and earn a bachelor's degree. In this program, you will study a lot of science, math, and computer and research methods. Once you graduate either with your associate's degree or your bachelor's degree, you should prepare to take the certification test so that you can be eligible for licensure in Maryland. Certification and licensure are not always required, but employers are usually only looking for those who have both. To better your chances at finding a radiation therapist job in Maryland, you should just go ahead and do the certification and licensure upon graduating.

One of the most common questions that prospective students always have about career fields is about pay. How much you get paid is extremely important. If you are a radiation therapist, you can make an average annual salary of $75,000. When you are first starting out you will likely not make that much, but as long as you do your job well and demonstrate a healthy attitude about your job, you will advance in the career and advance in annual pay.

Something to keep in mind is that, as a radiation therapist, you will be working very closely with cancer patients. You will be the one who gives them their radiation therapy. It is important to be aware of the patient's condition and any sensitivity they may have. When a person is going through something like cancer, it can be quite difficult to relax. As the radiation therapist, helping relax the patient is part of the job. You should be encouraging and friendly and always take the time to answer any questions they may have. The best radiation therapists are those who can empathize with the patient and make them feel more at ease during their radiation therapy.

Radiation Therapy Schools Near You & Online in Maryland

Community College of Baltimore County

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    Programs: CNA, EMT Paramedic, Radiation Therapy, Radiography
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