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Washington RN to MSN Programs

RN to MSN Programs in Washington

The RN to MSN Programs in Washington State provides educational opportunities to experienced nurses. Gaining an RN is an accomplishment in anyone professional career. Working in that capacity shows dedication and knowledge of the nursing profession. When someone has, done that, that person may find they want to go further in their education and career. If that is the case, that person needs to look at the schools offered in their area. They also need to consider whether the program will give them the training to go into their ideal area of concentration. That is critical in selecting one of these programs.

Bridging from an RN to an MSN can be challenging. The schools may require you to complete some undergraduate courses while working on the advanced courses at the same time. But, the challenge is well worth it. You will find that working towards your area of concentration is quite rewarding. In Washington State, you will find a number of concentrations available to qualified students. These include family nursing, health systems leadership, nurse education, gerontological nursing, informatics, nursing administration, community nursing, nurse midwifery, primary care nursing, psychiatric nursing, forensics nursing, neonatal/perinatal nursing, and occupational/environmental nursing.

Classes differ when you look at each of the RN to MSN Programs in Washington. Nursing students will undertake studies in core classes, specialty classes and spend a set number of hours doing clinic work. Core classes may include topics like epidemiology, pathophysiology, and human responses to health care, human physiology, comprehensive health assessment, and health promotion. For someone doing an adult nurse practitioner course of study, the specialty classes might include chronic health concerns, gender related health concerns, diagnostic testing, common mental health concerns, and pharmacotherapy. Students have to complete a certain number of hours in clinic work before receiving their degree. The most common amount is 500-600 hours.

When you graduate from one of the RN to MSN Programs in Washington, you can look forward to a new role in the medical world. You will take on more responsibilities and find new doors opening. You will have a broader knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge in your professional world. In order to get this process started, you need to start collecting information on the programs that interest you. But, you don't need to do that on your own. We can help you. With a bit of information, we can start helping you collect that information. Then, you will be prepared to make that critical decision.

On-Campus & Online RN to MSN Schools

Other WA Schools with RN to MSN Programs

Gonzaga University
502 East Boone Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99258
Pacific Lutheran University
12180 Park Avenue S.
Tacoma, Washington 98447
Washington State University
328 West Poplar Street
Walla Walla, Washington 99362
Washington State University
14204 NE Salmon Creek Avenue
Vancouver, Washington 98686
Washington State University
412 E Spokane Falls Blvd.
Spokane, Washington 99202
Washington State University
1401 W. Prasch Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98902