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RN to MSN Programs in Connecticut

RN to MSN Programs in Connecticut

RN to MSN Programs in Connecticut

Making the decision to enter one of the RN to MSN Programs in Connecticut can be a momentous occasion. It marks a step in taking your nursing passion to the next level. It also marks a time when you need to take the time to make the right decision. Making the wrong decision can cost you in terms of money, time, and professional recognition. You need to find a program that gives you the education track you desire along with opportunities to take your career in new directions. That will ensure you are well on your way to the career challenges you desire.

For one of the smaller states in the union, there is a number of RN to MSN Programs in Connecticut. This means that those that live and work in this wee state have a number of educational options from which to select. If you are an RN ready to take that next step, start thinking about your area of specialization. In Connecticut, you can select from quite a number including, but not limited to, clinical nurse leader, nursing education, health care management, nurse anesthesia, psychiatric nursing, adult acute care nursing, neonatal acute care, patient care services, family primary care, and nurse midwifery.

Each specialization program has its own requirements for those enrolled. For example, a nurse midwifery student would take core classes in common with other students studying for their MSN. These would include classes such as advanced pathophysiology, advanced health assessment, and clinical nursing research with statistics. In order to specialize in nurse midwifery, the student would take classes in gynecology, ante partum care, intrapartum care, advanced midwifery, and midwifery primary care. All RN to MSN Programs in Connecticut require the nurses to take clinical hours in order to learn how to put the theory into practice when it comes to their area of specialization.

If you want to find more information on RN to MSN Programs in Connecticut, you can get a bit of help in the process. You likely do not have the time to request information on all the programs in your area. We can help you. We have information on the best nursing programs in the state of Connecticut. Whether you want a school near Bridgeport or one closer to Hartford, we can provide information on your options. It will save you time and hassle. That will give you the incentive to make your choice and get your education on track.

3 RN to MSN Schools in Connecticut

Sacred Heart University

University of Connecticut

Saint Joseph College