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RN to MSN Programs in California

RN to MSN Programs in California

RN to MSN Programs in California

RN to MSN Programs in California provides great opportunities to RNs who want to take the next logical progression in their education and careers. RNs perform a critical task in the nursing and medical fields. However, after a few years, some RNs have the desire to progress even further. They have the passion to take their nursing experience in new directions. Nursing education is one field that some people want. They feel the need to help younger, less experienced nurses learn new skills and become leaders in the nursing field. Others want to lead nurses in health care settings as administrators. But education is critical to both paths as well as others.

The sheer size of the state guarantees there will be a number of RN to MSN Programs in California. In fact, there are over two dozen options. And these programs are available from one end of the state to the other. What areas can students specialize in with these programs? The specialties are almost too much to list. But, here are some examples: school nurse services, pediatric nursing, family nursing, nursing leadership, women's health nursing, nurse midwifery, adult clinical nursing, geriatric nursing, mental health nursing, neonatal nursing, case management, and nurse anesthesia.

Due to its size, California offers programs not common in other areas of the country. One example is the specialization area of case management. This course of study allows a nurse to work with each patient in both a caring and a caregiver role. They take courses in research methods, program evaluation, case management, health care finance, health policy issues, and biostatistics. In contrast, someone pursing a degree towards becoming a family nurse practitioner takes classes in nursing skills, community health, health assessment, ambulatory pharmacy, and primary health care.

RNs interested in RN to MSN Programs in California need to look carefully at the many schools offering these programs. Which one is close to home but offers the right specialization track? Can you afford the tuition? Will you be able to continue working? Will you need to go back to school full time? These are all questions that need answers. And if you are a working professional, you may not have that time to spare. We can help you with this task. Gathering the information you need should not be something you dread. Let us help you by providing a bit of information. In exchange, you get information on the schools that can help you get your next degree.

On-Campus & Online RN to MSN Schools

10 RN to MSN Schools in California

Azusa Pacific University

California State University at Fullerton

California State University

Mount St Mary’s College

Western University of Health Sciences

University of San Diego

University of California – San Francisco

University of San Francisco

California State University at San Marcos