RN to MSN Programs in Minnesota

RN to MSN Programs in Minnesota

What types of RN to MSN Programs in Minnesota would interest you? Most people who have worked as RNs find out what areas of nursing fascinate them more than others. That experience is a valuable tool in making the decision on where to take your career. Many find working as an RN is very rewarding. But, some find they need an additional challenge. That is when they start thinking about taking the step to get their MS in Nursing. They may want to get an advanced practitioner education to work with children or the elderly. They might want the challenge of educating other nurses. The options are there with the choice of the right program.

The universities and colleges offer excellent RN to MSN Programs in Minnesota. There are strong programs available in many areas of specialization. It is important to consider all your options before making a final decision. The first step is considering area of specialization. Those available in Minnesota include, but are not limited to, health care leadership, nursing education, nurse anesthesia, family nursing, geriatric nursing, public health nursing, women's health care, clinical nursing, neonatal nursing, psychiatric nursing, and nursing administration. This wide range of options is something to consider for every RN.

What can a student in one of these excellent RN to MSN Programs in Minnesota expect? Classes revolve around two areas: developing leadership and enhancing skills. The class schedule for a student in one these programs could include classes in clinical skills, health assessment, advanced physiology, pharmacotherapy, research in nursing, nursing intervention, healthcare informatics, mental illness, complex health conditions, nursing leadership, and primary care for adults, children, and elders. Most students can expect to spend 500 hours or more in a clinical setting before receiving their Master in Science in Nursing.

You can get a bit of help in selecting the RN to MSN Programs in Minnesota to give you the training you need. Don't spend hours requesting information from different schools. You don't have to waste your time. You can take advantage of the fact that we can help you with your search. Don't select a program at the nearest school without considering if it matches your needs or not. We can give you information on all the top schools in Minnesota. With that information, you can make an informed decision. Do your homework up front with a bit of help from us. You can start the process today.

RN to MSN Schools Near You & Online in Minnesota

Walden University

  • 155 5th Ave S # 100 Minneapolis, MN 55401
    Programs: Nursing Administration, RN to MSN
    (612) 338-7224

Metropolitan State University

Winona State University