RN to MSN Programs in Alabama

RN to MSN Programs in Alabama

If you want to find RN to MSN programs in Alabama, you need to consider a few things before finalizing your schooling options. Since you have already gone to the trouble of getting your RN, then taking the next step is a natural progression in your education and career goals. However, you need to select your Master of Science in Nursing program carefully. You want to find a program that offers the specialization you want. You also want a program that provides the proper balance between theory and hands on learning. Make the next step in your career by using your head first.

In RN to MSN Programs in Alabama, you can find nursing specializations including Nursing Educator, Nurse Executive, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Community Health Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Leader, Rural Case Management, Nursing Informatics Specialist, and Nursing Leadership among many others. This rich landscape of education opportunities makes getting an MS in Nursing difficult just because there are so many choices. But, if you know where you want to take your career, you can find a program that will fit your career and educational requirements. With world class schools within a short drive from home, there is no excuse for not taking that next step in your career.

What can you expect from RN to MSN Programs in Alabama? Each academic program has its own requirements when it comes to what each student can expect. However, some common classes will be on the agenda for all students to take. These include classes in research and statistics, advanced pathophysiology, issues affecting nursing, and nursing informatics. These classes prepare the student to take advanced roles in leadership and accountability on the job once they receive their MS in Nursing. Those going to school full time can expect to finish in two years while those going part time may take two and a half to three years.

How can you get more information on RN to MSN Programs in Alabama? That is easy. We can help you gather all the information you require about programs throughout the state of Alabama. With a bit of personal information, we can gather information on schools in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile as well as parts in between. This information will be exactly what you want when you have to make that critical choice in which school to attend. Let us help you with gathering that information today.

On-Campus & Online RN to MSN Schools

8 RN to MSN Schools in Alabama

Samford University

University of Alabama

University of North Alabama

The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Spring Hill College

  • 4000 Dauphin St. Mobile, AL 36608
    Programs: BSN, RN, RN to MSN

Troy University

University of Alabama – Capstone College of Nursing