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Hawaii RN to MSN Programs

RN to MSN Programs in Hawaii

What do RN to MSN Programs in Hawaii offer to students? Many nurses find they are very happy in their jobs and have no desire to move further. But, a few find their education needs to grow so their career options can grow as well. It is important to know yourself before making this serious step. This step requires commitment to an area of specialization that most RNs do not have to make. You need to know if you want to move into advanced clinical practice, nursing education, or administration. Or you might think of an entirely different direction. Each program can prepare you for a different track.

Despite being on an island chain, the educational opportunities for nursing are quite comprehensive. You can find a few options for RN to MSN Programs in Hawaii. You can find programs in health care education, leadership, community clinical nursing specialist, family nurse practitioner, nursing education, pediatric nursing, geriatric nursing, public health nursing, and many others as well. You can study for your MBA while also getting your MSN if you so choose. With these options, you can take your nursing career in new directions. But, choose your program wisely. It is a decision that will influence your future career path for many years.

Almost all students in RN to MSN Programs in Hawaii must take a core set of classes in order to complete the programs. These core classes touch on subjects like health policy, nursing research, disease prevention, and theory. After that, each specialization has its own focus of study. For example, a nursing administrator would take classes in areas like human resource management, healthcare delivery methods, best practices, clinical economics, and finance. This prepares them to move into the area of administration in healthcare. They will also take practicum courses to give them leadership experience and exposure to those already in positions of authority.

Finding the right RN to MSN Programs in Hawaii is important. It will impact the rest of your career. But, how can you get the information you need to make that all important decision? The easiest way is to let us help you. We have information from the top schools in Hawaii. We can match you up with the program that best suits your particular career and education interests. Don't worry about tracking down the information yourself. Leave it to us and put your focus on choosing the right school.

On-Campus & Online RN to MSN Schools

Other HI Schools with RN to MSN Programs

Hawaii Pacific University
1164 Bishop Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Hawaii Pacific University
45-045 Kamehameha Highway
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744