Phlebotomy Programs in West Virginia

Phlebotomy Programs in West Virginia — How to Become a Phlebotomist in West Virginia

A phlebotomist is an individual who is specially trained in how to draw, analyze and collect blood samples from patients. Hospitals, clinics and physicians are in need of a trained phlebotomist who is able to collect, draw and analyze blood for a variety of reasons including diagnosing illnesses. In addition to collecting blood samples, phlebotomists are responsible for maintaining the blood testing equipment and updating patients’ records to indicate the results of the blood tests. Phlebotomists in the state of West Virginia make approximately $30,000 and can make more depending upon experience, additional certification and employer.

All individuals who are interested in becoming a phlebotomist in West Virginia must meet the requirement of holding a high school diploma or GED. This is required because phlebotomy programs in West Virginia require this in order for you to enroll in the training program at an accredited university, community college or vocational school. Attending a training program is recommended as you will learn the skills that are necessary to gain employment as a phlebotomist in West Virginia. The phlebotomy training programs last approximately two years and cover a variety of courses ranging from anatomy to maintaining medical records.

Most phlebotomy programs in West Virginia cover one of three areas of study. These areas of study help students gain the skills they need to perform their job properly. The first area of study is human anatomy in which students learn about the various veins in the body and which are ideal for drawing blood. The second area of study includes needle techniques that help phlebotomists learn how to draw blood with minimal pain. The last area of study in a phlebotomy program includes the proper handling and disposal of blood samples that are collected.

The state of West Virginia does not require that individuals obtain certification to become a phlebotomist. Many employers will hire phlebotomists who have successfully completed a training program but have not gained any certification. However, certification can help you increase your earning potential and gain employment with a variety of employers. Certification can be obtained from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. In order to gain certification you must attend an accredited phlebotomy program and be able to take and pass the examination. Exams are held several times a year and upon passing you must be willing to update the information on a regular basis in order to stay certified.

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