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How to Become a Phlebotomy Technician in Arkansas and Phlebotomy Programs in Arkansas

Phlebotomy technicians in Arkansas have access to several great job opportunities, especially in urban areas. You will be able to find work at many hospitals with this sort of background. To begin with, all students must have a high school diploma or GED, since a degree is required for this sort of work. You must also have current rubella, mumps and measles vaccines. Depending on the school, some previous college coursework may be taken into consideration. A certificate will be awarded upon completion.

Graduates of phlebotomy programs have an important job to do. You will work under an immediate supervisor. In most cases, you will work in a hospital setting. Duties include verifying patient records, taking blood samples from an arm or finger, and preparing samples for lab use. Phlebotomy technicians may also work at blood banks. Some of the duties in this setting include interviewing patients, performing blood draws, and taking vital signs. In addition to an attention to detail, good communications kills with patients are essential. You will need to work with patients of various ages, who may sometimes be fearful about having blood drawn.

Phlebotomy programs offered by Arkansas colleges are part of the biology program. Basic medical terminology is covered, along with collecting and handling specimens. You will also learn some computer skills that are essential to collecting and working with the specimens. Other important skills include handling ethical issues, good patient relations, and overall professionalism. An important part of becoming a good technician is relating well to the patients, as well as other staff. Your program will give you the opportunity to fully test your skills in both a classroom and a clinical setting. Once completed, the program will help you in your way to getting a good position.

The median salary for an Arkansas phlebotomist is $25,000, according to Cities such as Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville and Pine Bluff offer the most jobs. Due to population increases in Arkansas’ cities among retirees, hospitals are expected to have more of a demand for phlebotomists. Blood and plasma banks also have a need for qualified technicians, especially when an emergency arises. Some banks see large increases in the numbers of people who want to give blood. You may also be able to find employment in a lab, although positions of this type are relatively few in comparison to hospital positions.

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