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How to Become a Phlebotomist in Maine and Phlebotomy Programs in Maine

The term phlebotomy comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to cut a vein.’ It is a word that many people get a smile from hearing. However, the work done by a phlebotomist is a critical part of modern medical care. Blood tests are central to diagnosis and monitoring of health conditions of all sorts. In order to take those samples, physicians rely on the services of a professional phlebotomist. This professional has specific training in how to take blood samples using needles or sticks. They then label and record the blood sample for medical records before preparing them for transportation to a lab facility for analysis. If you are interested in how to become a phlebotomist in Maine, you need more information.

In the state of Maine, there is no legal requirement for a phlebotomist to acquire certification. However, most medical facilities will not hire anyone to perform phlebotomy tasks unless they hold the proper national certifications. This helps them avoid legal and liability issues. For the phlebotomist, having certification opens up many more jobs than for those who do not have certification. In order to qualify for the national certifications, the candidate must complete a certified phlebotomist course as well as complete a certification exam: the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Registry Exam.

Where can you find phlebotomy programs in Maine? The phlebotomist student can receive training from six different schools in the state of Maine. One of these programs is available through the Helping Hands Trade School located in Winslow, ME. This 94 hour course involves training the student in performing venipuncture and capillary puncture. They also receive training in infection control, safety procedures, basic anatomy, physiology, and collection of blood samples and how to handle them. Due to the nature of the profession, students must complete a health assessment and take vaccinations against common infectious diseases.

Upon successful completion of a certified phlebotomy program, candidates must complete a certification exam in order to receive their credentials. Once they have their exam complete and certification in hand, they have opportunities at jobs around the state of Maine. In general, most phlebotomy graduates do not have a problem securing employment. Their services are needed in hospitals, blood banks, laboratories, medical facilities, and doctors’ offices all over the state. Many phlebotomy professionals use their training to gain access to other medical professions with further training. You can do this and much more with phlebotomy programs in Maine.

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