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Phlebotomy in Louisiana – Steps to Becoming a Phlebotomy Technician in Louisiana

Phlebotomist, phlebotomy technician, and phlebotomy technologist are all names for a medical professional that draws blood. In many states, there are very few regulations that apply to becoming a professional in this industry. Louisiana is one of only three states (California, Nevada) that require certification for phlebotomy technicians. When learning how to become a phlebotomy technician in Louisiana, there are two options. The two routes for licensing in phlebotomy in Louisiana are a Limited Phlebotomy License and a Fully Certified Phlebotomy License. The limited license allows the phlebotomist to do skin punctures. The fully certified technologist can also do venipunctures and arterial punctures.

Knowing how to become a phlebotomy technician in Louisiana starts by choosing from the phlebotomy programs in Louisiana for training. Schools that offer training programs in this area include the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Bossier Parish Community College, L. E. Fletcher Technical Community College, Southern University at Shreveport, and more. Training for phlebotomy in Louisiana takes approximately six months to one year. In order to be licensed in Louisiana, your training course has to include 20 hours of lectures and some practical experience. For the full license, you must also pass a national certifying exam offered by American Medical Technologists, American Society for Clinical Pathology, American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians, or another national certification agency.

When these requirements have been met, application may be made to the Florida Department of Health and Hospitals for a license to perform blood draws in the state of Louisiana. The job outlook for phlebotomy technicians indicates that the number of positions will increase about fifteen percent by 2020. This slightly above the expected increase across all occupations, which is fourteen percent. These positions are available at hospitals, medical and diagnostic labs, physician offices, and through the federal government. To perform phlebotomy in Louisiana, there are also some traits a technician must have in order to be successful.

Jobs in phlebotomy in Louisiana require the technician to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as well as precise medical knowledge and practical skills in drawing blood. Interpersonal and communication skills are essential because a phlebotomist has to set the patient at ease and secure cooperation in order to get a blood sample. The technician must also be able to communicate with doctors, and follow precise orders. They have to keep accurate patient records. Blood samples have to be handled with the utmost care and accuracy, including retrieving, labeling, and transporting the blood.

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