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Phlebotomists work in a laboratory setting drawing blood from patients for diagnostic purposes. Many phlebotomists are working towards training in another area of the medical field, and this can be a transitional state for some people to gain valuable medical experience. Working in this field requires patience and stamina. There are typically long work hours, and many patients are not very cooperative. This professional works with delicate needles and needs basic knowledge of the vascular system. It is important that they know what veins to draw blood from in each patient to effectively do their job.

To become a phlebotomist in Mississippi, one should have their high school diploma or a GED equivalent. There are many training schools varying in length for this profession. Hinds Community College in Jackson offers program for phlebotomy that only takes one semester to complete. To be eligible for this program a student will need at least six months of experience in the medical field. Mississippi Delta College offers a training program that only takes 17 weeks to complete. Night school is available for working professionals to gain the training necessary for this job. These two are great short term coursework that includes the necessary training to do this job.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College offers a program in phlebotomy that trains students in venipuncture, needle puncture and specimen handling and analysis. There are specialty fields that a student can choose to study as well which include hematology and urinalysis. A student can also earn a four year bachelor degree in phlebotomy from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. This is the most extensive training program in the state and offers a great degree program for students looking to make this a career.

Working as a phlebotomist can be a very important job that helps doctors to be able to treat patients with chronic illnesses and diseases. There are other medical professionals who perform phlebotomy, but they must be trained in this area. This professional normally works in a hospital, clinic or medical laboratory where they take blood samples and urine samples of patients. They are trained in the ability to handle the specimen and analyze the specimen in order to offer a report to the doctor of the findings. Although phlebotomy training can often lead to a career in a higher medical profession, many people enjoy this profession and work this job as their career.

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