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Washington Radiography - Obtaining a Radiography Career in Washington

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When considering a career as a radiographer in Washington, there are several factors that may affect the salary you receive. Factors include education, location, and the type of employer you choose. For example, larger health care facilities typically offer a higher salary than smaller facilities such as clinics. In terms of location, the median annual salary for radiographers in Bellingham is $48,651 while in Seattle the annual salary is $52,545 so location is a very important factor. This is something you will have to keep in mind when considering a career is a radiographer in Washington.

Radiographers are medical imaging professionals who use radiological equipment to capture images such as x-rays. The images are used for diagnostic purposes to locate broken bones and other abnormalities otherwise not seen by the naked eye. Radiography is important to the health care industry. Radiographers assist doctors and technicians with analyzing certain injuries or illnesses that require immediate medical attention. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for radiographers throughout Washington was $41,000 as of 2010. The national annual salary for radiographers is approximately $54,180. Again, this stresses the importance of locating the right city to work within the state of Washington.

There are over 5,900 health care clinics, hospitals and other facilities located in the state of Washington that provides radiographer services. What this means is that radiographers have several options to choose from and plenty of employment opportunities. Spokane is perhaps the highest paying city in terms of annual salary with a generous offering of approximately $60,000 per year. An individual must be able to obtain at least an associate's degree in order to be able to work as a radiographer in Washington. A bachelor's degree is highly recommended as this may improve credentials and the rate of pay.

Consider a radiography program in Washington at any number of the different campuses located throughout the state. Programs are offered through a number of schools such as Carrington College in Spokane and Everest College in Everett. Keep in mind that the program length and requirements may vary by school. Lengthier programs may be better because it gives you greater knowledge of the demands of a radiography career. However, a shorter program will allow you to obtain a radiographer position in a shorter amount of time so you can reap the rewards of assisting patients and doctors with radiological needs.

On-Campus & Online Radiography Schools

Bellevue College

Bellingham Technical College

Columbia Basin College

Pima Medical Institute

  • 9709 3rd Ave Ne 4th Floor
    Seattle, WA 98115
    Programs: Radiography

Carrington College-Spokane Cmp

  • 10102 E Knox Ave Ste 200
    Spokane, WA 99206
    Programs: Radiography

Spokane Community College

Tacoma Community College

Clark College

Wenatchee Valley College

Yakima Valley College