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How to Become a Radiography in Delaware and Radiography Programs in Delaware

Radiography is one of the most common specializations that medical technologists may hold in Delaware. Radiography is used in a variety of situations where medical imaging must diagnose a health condition. For example, radiography encompasses all forms of X-ray, mammograms and even MRIs. For this reason, the qualifications and skills of anyone involved in professional radiography in Delaware will differ. Different forms of radiography are used by different kinds of medical practices, ensuring a variety of potential employers throughout the state. This helps ensure that professionals in the field have sufficient employment options -- even accommodating many more people who want to know how to become a radiography in Delaware.

Like radiation therapists, radiologists are represented by The American Association of Radiologic Technologists and The American Society of Radiologic Technicians. These professional bodies provide information, issue standards and manage advocacy on behalf of radiography specialists in Delaware and elsewhere. Compared to other medical specializations, radiography is one of the easiest to enter and has less strict credentialing standards. The State's Office of Radiation Control is the central hub for information on medical radiation standards -- and issues the certification required for individuals to practice as radiological or radiographic technicians. As a result, any training program should comply with the Office of Radiation Control.

Most careers in radiography begin with relatively brief radiography programs in Delaware. The majority of junior radiographers have a one year certificate from a professional school or technical college. There are some who have an associate's degree, which takes two years, and relatively few who have a four year degree in medical technology. While more training is definitely better, it is not necessary to pursue a four year degree unless one wishes to specialize in a particular area of radiography. Mammography specialists, for example, will typically specialize and may be able to command a higher salary under working conditions of their choosing.

Radiography in Delaware is rewarded with a high rate of professional growth. Between 2010 and 2020, radiography is expected to grow 28% nationwide, with a slightly higher rate of growth in the greater Wilmington area. Diagnostic imaging technology is also expected to continue to evolve, giving Delaware radiographers greater opportunities to grow professionally. By 2020, major employers will expand the number of radiographer jobs available by more than 61,000. Radiographers working in large hospitals tend to be paid somewhat more than those who work directly in physicians' offices. Special diagnostic imaging clinics may offer the best pay, but are also the most exclusive. Median salary is over $54,000.

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Delaware Technical & Community College

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