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How to Become a Radiography in Vermont - Radiography Programs in Vermont

The radiography career is very fast growing. Doctor's offices and hospitals always need people to take patient's x-rays, so there will likely never be a bad time to enter this career field. The radiographer is the person who takes your x-rays. Not only do they take your x-rays, but they also have to make sure the imaging equipment is well maintained and working as it should. They also have to interpret the results of the patient's x-rays while consulting with the doctors in order to figure out if there are further imaging that needs to be done or not.

For those who live in Vermont and want to become radiographers, all you need to do is enroll in a radiography program at a community college. Because of the career's popularity, just about every community college in Vermont has this degree program. It is only an associate's degree so you should be working as a radiographer within two years. It is important to note that, since radiography is a popular career, the admissions criteria to get into the radiography degree programs are very competitive. There is usually an interview that is required as part of the admissions process and, for some schools, even a certain amount of hours that need to be logged watching a radiographer do his or her job.

As a radiographer, you can make anywhere from $38,000 to $76,000. The average annual salary in the United States is $55,000. How much you will make as a radiographer in Vermont will likely be closer to the annual average. It is usually in the larger cities where radiographers make upwards of $76,000, while the smaller towns will make much less. One good thing about it is that there is the big city of Burlington, Vermont where you can likely find work as a radiographer and make a bit more than you would in the smaller towns in the state.

The career of radiography is going to add several thousand jobs within the next few years. This is a good thing because each year there are more radiographers graduating from programs, looking to begin their dream job. It may mean relocating to another city in Vermont, or even to another state, but every successful graduate from a radiography program will likely be able to find a job fairly quickly after getting their license and certification. You may not need the license and certification, but it definitely helps as a lot of employers will only hire you if you have it.

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