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Maine Accelerated BSN Programs

Accelerated BSN Programs in Maine

No matter what you are doing now with your life, if you want opportunities can career choices, taking some time to look into accelerated BSN programs in Maine and throughout the United States will help you to make more money while you are making a difference. An accelerated program is that which allows a person who already has a bachelor degree in any subject to take part in this program. You will be thrust into the medical field after you complete your training and certification.

Accelerated BSN programs in Maine and in the United States might seem too good to be true. The reality is that they aren't. Within eleven to eighteen months you will be able to take the national nursing exam to be a licensed nurse. Of course, it will take determination and organization to achieve your goals, but what in life doesn't? You will be putting yourself into a situation where you are offered all of the right tools needed to succeed and upon graduation you can look back over the past year and see how successful you really have been.

With limited space available accelerated BSN programs in Maine and throughout the United States are offering students to be put on a waiting list. It may seem as though it is frustrating not to get your dreams going right away, but after having an academic advisor review your transcripts, you may find that there is more work than you think. Many schools in Maine and around the United States do offer the accelerated program but there are still prerequisites to be accepted. This can be anything from higher level math classes to intense biology and science courses. With everyone needing the same basic skills, the instructors can assume that all students are on the same learning playing field.

Once you are in the program you can then decide what specialty you would like to have in the nursing field and take courses corresponding with that. It may seem as though getting in any of the accelerated BSN programs in Maine and United States may be difficult. However once you are in the program you will find that you have more abilities than you thought and you can succeed as a nurse. Once you graduate in the short amount of time, you will be recognized throughout the country as a registered nurse and you are able to help the many people who are in need.

On-Campus & Online Accelerated BSN Schools

Other ME Schools with Accelerated BSN Programs

University of Maine at Fort Kent
23 University Dr.
Fort Kent, Maine 4743
University of Southern Maine
96 Falmouth Street
Portland, Maine 4103
University of Southern Maine
51 Westminster Street
Lewiston, Maine 4240