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Accelerated BSN Programs in Hawaii

Accelerated BSN Programs in Hawaii

Accelerated BSN Programs in Hawaii

It may seem as though there are no jobs available when you live in Hawaii. However if you take part in accelerated BSN programs in Hawaii you can excel. It be a part of a program such as this, you will need to already have a bachelor degree of any kind. The program can be accelerated because you have already completed the core college courses need for anyone to graduate. All you need are the specialized courses need for the BSN program. Once you graduate from this program, you will have so much to offer the world around you, in Hawaii.

To make sure that you get accepted into any of the accelerated BSN programs in Hawaii, you will want to make sure you understand the prerequisites the school requires. This can be basically anything. The school could require that you have basic courses such as chemistry, anatomy and high level math to enter the program. Other schools could require that you provide them with examples of your learning style as well as references of your past and current employers and acquaintances. Once you provide the school with that information you can then begin the next step of entry into the program.

For entry into accelerated BSN programs in Hawaii, you will more than likely have to take part in an interview. With the interview, the dean of the nursing department and their staff will be able to meet you face to face and talk with you about why you have decided to go a different direction in life and change to nursing. With this interview they will determine if you have the character and stamina it takes to be in an accelerated program like this. They will also look at your GPA and your exam scores. After your interview you will be called on a later date.

Of course waiting to get into any of the accelerated BSN programs in Hawaii is going to be awful. However, once you find that you have been accepted you can then begin your new journey in life. Keep in mind that this is not going to be easy and once you are in the program you will more than likely not be able to keep your current full time job since you will be cramming four years of education into eleven to eighteen months. But once you are finished, you will enjoy being in the workforce and starting your new job as an RN.

On-Campus & Online Accelerated BSN Schools

1 Accelerated BSN School in Hawaii

University of Hawaii at Manoa