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EMT Paramedic Programs in Virginia

EMT Paramedic Programs in Virginia

How to Become a EMT Paramedic in Virginia and EMT Paramedic Programs in Virginia

What do EMT Paramedics do? Most people do not think about who is in the back of an ambulance until they need to take a ride or a relative does. EMT personnel are the ones that people depend on for the first line of defense in a medical emergency. EMTs have training on how to identify and treat symptoms. They can work with emergency room personnel to stabilize people and transport them to emergency care. Most EMT professionals work in ambulances and similar vehicles. However, some get the privilege of working on helicopters and even in sports arenas. EMTs often say the work is very rewarding, but can be very tiring. It is not a job for someone who likes a slow pace. If you want to become an EMT in Virginia, you need to know more.

What type of training is available in Virginia for EMTs? Training for becoming a paramedic can happen in stages. The first level of training is in EMT-Basic. This level of training gives the building blocks and experience an EMT needs to be a professional in a working setting. They learn about medical emergencies, trauma, pediatrics, obstetrics, EMS operations, and special patient populations. Those that earn the EMT-Basic certification can administer oxygen, use airway devices, perform CPR, administer child birth, immobilize the spine, take vital signs, control bleeding, and administer a limited assortment of medications. Other certifications are available including EMT-Enhanced, Intermediate, Paramedic, and EMT Instructor. These additional certifications require additional education.

What else do you need to know about EMT paramedic programs in Virginia? With advanced training, an EMT can perform other medical procedures that an EMT-Basic cannot. These can include airway management, ECG monitoring, IV therapy, manual defibrillation, limited medicine administration, and advance airway management. With the highest levels of certification, the EMT-Paramedic can perform tasks such as endotracheal intubation and medication administration.

What else do you need to know about EMT paramedic programs in Virginia? There are dozens of locations scattered throughout the state of Virginia that provide EMT training at various levels. Most who begin work as a first responder receive basic training. They then can take additional training to become an EMT-Basic. From there most work their way up to EMT-Paramedic which is as high as you can go in the field. For instructors, additional training is required besides being an EMT-Paramedic. The ability to help people in medical distress can be physically challenging, but immensely rewarding for those who do the work.

On-Campus & Online EMT Paramedic Schools

10 EMT Paramedic Schools in Virginia

Piedmont Virginia Community College

Loudoun County Department of Fire

  • 16600 Courage Court Leesburg, VA 20175
    Programs: EMT Paramedic
    (571) 285-3266

Central Virginia Community College

Southwest Virginia Community College

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

  • 1651 East Parham Road Richmond, VA 23228
    Programs: ADN, CNA, EMT Paramedic, LPN, RN
    (804) 371-3000

Jefferson College of Health Sciences

National College

Northern Virginia Community College

Tidewater Community College