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EMT Paramedic Programs in Maine

EMT Paramedic Programs in Maine

How to Become a EMT Paramedic in Maine and EMT Paramedic Programs in Maine

You want to know how to become an EMT paramedic in Maine. EMT professionals are the first line of defense that people with medical emergencies will encounter when they call for an ambulance. The EMT Paramedic works with the help of physicians to provide crisis care while the patient is in transport to a medical facility. The work is very fast-paced and seems to never have a dull moment. There are different levels of paramedic training available to people living in the state of Maine. These three levels are EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic.

The EMT-Basic is the first level of training required. You will need this to know how to become an EMT paramedic in Maine. This beginning level is the entry point for most entering the profession. This level of certification allows an individual to provide emergency care to patients inside an ambulance. The curriculum involves learning about medical emergencies, trauma, pediatrics, obstetrics, EMS operations, and special patient populations. At the end of the training, the student can perform different tasks such as administering oxygen, using airway devices, performing CPR, administering child birth, immobilization of the spine, taking vital signs, controlling bleeding, and administrating a limited assortment of medications.

The next level of EMT training available through EMT Paramedic programs in Maine is the EMT-Intermediate. This is the middle step between the EMT-Basic and EMT-Paramedic levels. The Intermediate level involves everything that the EMT-Basic can perform in addition to certain intermediate life support procedures. Students take instruction in airway management, ECG monitoring, IV therapy, basic pharmacology, and advanced life support procedures. With training, these professionals can perform ECG monitoring, manual defibrillation, limited medicine administration, and advance airway management.

The final stage in training from EMT paramedic programs in Maine is to become a full EMT-Paramedic. In Maine, this is the highest level of certification available in this career area. These professionals take courses in pathophysiology, advanced patient assessment, advanced pharmacology, cardiac emergencies, respiratory emergencies, and trauma assessment. On the job, an EMT-Paramedic can perform many advanced life support procedures including endotracheal intubation, medication administration, and other areas. At this level students take rotations in hospital departments like emergency department, intensive care unit, and other areas to give practical experience with patients. You can find programs offering all three levels at seven locations around the state including Presque Island, South Portland, Caribou, Fairfield, Lewiston, Natick, and Bangor. Local community colleges and EMS organization administer these programs.

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EMT Paramedic Schools in Maine