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EMT Paramedic Programs in South Dakota

EMT Paramedic Programs in South Dakota

How to Become an EMT-Paramedic in South Dakota and EMT-Paramedic Programs in South Dakota

EMT-paramedics have a very important life-saving role at the scene of accidents. EMT stands for emergency medical technician. There are different types of EMTs – the EMT-basic, EMT-advanced, and EMT-paramedic. If you're interested in learning about how to become an EMT-paramedic in South Dakota and EMT-paramedic programs in South Dakota, you may want to spend some time as an EMT-basic first to learn what this career is really about. Paramedics are the higher level of EMT and have a lot more responsibility than lower level EMTs. You must obtain certification as an EMT-basic before you can pursue continuing education as a paramedic.

Paramedics work in a high stress environment where the ability to make important decisions on-the-go is extremely important. You will be dealing with emergency situations in this role and will be one of the first responders to accidents and other types of emergencies. The decisions that a paramedic makes are crucial for treating patients in the first few moments after an accident. EMTs and paramedics must stabilize patients, provide basic care, and transport them safely to the hospital. Paramedics are able to administer some medications, both orally and intravenously. There are several educational programs in South Dakota that prepare students for this career.

Western Dakota Tech offers an associate in applied science program for paramedics. This course of study takes 14 months to complete and includes composition, algebra, and sociology as well as clinical paramedic training. The University of Sioux Falls offers a paramedic technology program that provides students with a solid base of general education courses. Upon completion of this program, students can go one to take an approved EMT-paramedic training program. The combination of these two programs will result in a bachelor's degree in paramedic technology. With EMT certification and a few prerequisite courses, students can enroll in a 9 or 12-month paramedic program at Avera McKennan School of EMS.

Local health departments also offer EMT and EMT-paramedic training from time to time. There are many options for a solid education in this area available throughout the state. A career as an EMT-paramedic can be very challenging, but this is also a rewarding field of study to pursue. If you enjoy helping others and find that you work best under pressure, this is a great career opportunity for you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for EMTs and paramedics in South Dakota is $29,400. With continuing education, paramedics can go on to become a registered nurse or diagnostic medical technician or technologist.

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