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EMT Paramedic Programs in Hawaii

EMT Paramedic Programs in Hawaii

EMT Paramedic in Hawaii � Steps to Becoming an EMT Paramedic in Hawaii

If you are considering an EMT paramedic position in the state of Hawaii, you are in luck. Hawaii is among the top five highest paying states for EMTs with a generous salary offering of $47,380. Most EMTs work outside of a hospital setting such as for police or fire departments and for ambulance companies. Approximately 170,000 of the estimated 217,920 EMTs employed throughout the United States work outside the hospital setting. EMTs primarily cater to the public sector. To become an EMT paramedic in Hawaii, there are certain courses as well as certification you will be required to fulfill.

EMT paramedic programs in Hawaii are offered through local establishments as well as online courses. There are a variety of programs such as a 2-year public college program that offers both a certificate and associate degree to interested individuals. You may also consider an EMT certificate program for which you will receive an Emergency Medical Technician Certificate. The EMT certificate allows you to provide life support services to individuals prior to hospitalization. Applicants interested in the certificate program must have a First Aid and Basic Cardiac Life Support Card as well as be able to pass a full medical examination.

Anyone interested in becoming an EMT paramedic in Hawaii may also want to consider an Associate of Science in Mobile Intensive Care Technician (MICT) degree program. This program requires individuals to have already completed an EMT program. With an MICT, EMTs may perform certain advanced emergency services such as electrocardiogram monitoring, endotracheal intubation, and cardiac defibrillation. Such support services can make all the difference between life and death. Filling the position of an EMT can be very taxing. It can also be very rewarding. EMT paramedic programs in Hawaii will arm you with what you need to know to do your job successfully.

Keep in mind that Hawaii has three varying levels of EMTs, which include a basic EMT, intermediate EMT and EMT paramedic. EMTs start out at the entry level or basic EMT in order to become an EMT paramedic. There are paid training programs available that allow you to obtain your entry level basic EMT, which brings you that much closer to completing your dream of becoming an EMT paramedic. Advancement in this particular field is rather fast. Another fact to consider is that individuals must be willing to complete an approximate six month EMT training course to become a paramedic.

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EMT Paramedic Schools in Hawaii