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Hawaii ADN Programs

ADN Programs in Hawaii

ADN programs in Hawaii are more bountiful than you may think. If you are a person in need of a new career or simply a person waiting to start your first one, nursing could very well be the perfect opportunity for you. There are many ADN programs to choose from, but all of them are designed to provide you with an overview of nursing in the modern world. You can take several courses that will help you learn how to take care of patients and what it takes to help doctors on the job. Within a couple years, you could have all the skills you need to work as a nurse in your area.

ADN programs in Hawaii do not offer specialized education for students who want to work in management, research, or education. If you know you want to pursue those kinds of careers, you have to make sure you can find a good BSN or MSN program to go into after you get done with your associate's degree. That will require an additional two years or more of education, but it could be well worth it if you have a passion for those fields. If you just want to tackle basic nursing duties, an associate's degree is more than enough to begin your career.

To actually become a nurse, you have to take a comprehensive exam administered by your state. This will ensure that you actually learned the skills you needed during your ADN programs in Hawaii. If you pass the exam, you will be able to work just about anywhere nurses are needed. Some jobs will pay more than others, so you might want to take that into consideration when you start filling out job applications. Of course, higher pay leads to more competition, but you should be well prepared to tackle any competition that may come before you.

Being a good nurse is more than just learning what the professors talk about in class. You have to reach beyond the training offered through ADN programs in Hawaii to find out how to really connect with patients the way you need to. This is a special skill learned on the job, but you will carry it with you throughout your career. Everything starts with the proper education as a foundation for the rest of your life. Take the time to get your training so you can see what nursing may be able to offer you.

On-Campus & Online ADN Schools

Other HI Schools with ADN Programs

Hawaii Community College
81-964 Halekii Street
Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750
Hawaii Community College
200 West Kawili Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Hawaii Community College
1175 Manono Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Kapiolani Community College
4303 Diamond Head Rd.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
Kauai Community College
3-1901 Kaumualii Highway
Lihue, Hawaii 96766
University of Hawaii Maui College
310 Ka'ahumanu Ave
Kahului, Hawaii 96732