ADN Programs in Arkansas

ADN Programs in Arkansas

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Arkansas is a fantastic southern state if you are looking for a laid back place to spend your days. What you may not realize though is that it is also a great state to get a nursing education in. ADN programs in Arkansas are quite numerous, and they all prepare students for work in the medical field. If you have two years to devote to your education and think that nursing is a field for you, one of these programs could certainly be the starting point for a career in your future. Here is a look at what these programs can do for you.

ADN programs in Arkansas are designed to prepare students for all the areas a nurse has to be knowledgeable in. You will have to learn about basic patient care, and you will have to hone your people skills to be able to work with various individuals that may come into your place of work. Nurses are needed in a variety of work spaces, including nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and doctor offices. These programs offer a basic look at what a nurse's duties may be in these different places, but you will not know all of the duties at hand until you actually get hired some place.

You can find ADN programs in Arkansas on both the private and public level. Most private schools that offer ADN programs only do so as a way to prepare students for their bachelor's or master's degree programs. If you do not plan to pursue either of those, you may opt for a community college or state school for a more affordable education. You could look into loans or scholarships for your educational opportunities, but those will be based on your merit or financial need. Some students have more money available to them than others.

The job outlook for nursing is more positive than almost any other job out there. Thus if you can devote two years to ADN programs in Arkansas, you should be guaranteed some kind of job waiting for you on the other side of your schooling. You could consider moving to a more populated area that may have more job opportunity than others, but any community is going to have a need for nurses in some way. Take a look around at the educational and career opportunities that lie before you and start formulating a plan for your future.

On-Campus & Online ADN Schools

University of Arkansas Community College

Northwest Arkansas Community College

Arkansas Northeastern College

East Arkansas Community College

North Arkansas College

PCC – University of Arkansas

  • 1000 Campus Drive
    Helena, AR 72342
    Programs: ADN, RN

National Park Community College

Southern Arkansas University

Ouachita Technical College

University of Arkansas – Monticello

Arkansas Rural Nursing Education Consortium

  • 1558 Hwy 371 West
    Nashville, AR 71852
    Programs: ADN, RN

Southeast Arkansas College

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