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RN Salaries in New York

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The state of New York has the third highest employment rate for registered nurses in the United States. The state employed 169,820 RNs in May of 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The average RN salary in New York is $75,470, or about $36.29 per hour. RNs with earnings in the 75th percentile earned $90,210 or more in 2018. Those with earnings in the 25th percentile made $61,310 or less. Though the salary in New York State is above average, this is offset by the increased cost of living here which is about 36 percent above the national average.

The New York-White Plains-Wayne Metropolitan Division, which includes part of New Jersey, employs more nurses than any other metropolitan area in the country. This area employs 94,230 RNs in 2018. The average salary here was $84,120. Though this is much higher than the average RN salary in New York as a whole, the cost of living in this area is one of the highest in the country. In this area, 50 percent of registered nursing salaries fell between $70,950 and $96,850, and the median annual salary was $83,910. This was also the highest paying area in New York, on average, for registered nurses.

The area with the second highest average salary in this state is the Nassau-Suffolk Metropolitan Division. In this area, nurses earned an average of $80,890 in 2018. Salaries here ranged from under $57,350 to $107,650 or more. The median annual salary was $82,260. The Nassau-Suffolk area employed 23,800 registered nurses in 2018.

The lowest average RN salary in New York can be found in Glens Falls. The average RN in this city earned just $49,680 in 2018. Registered nurses with salaries in the 75th percentile made $57,980 or more, while those in the 25th percentile made $41,750 or less. Even some of those with earnings in the 90th percentile made less than the national average. The cost of living in the Glens Falls area is about six percent below the national average according to Forbes. While this accounts for some of the difference in salaries, they are still low in relation to the cost of living.


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