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Washington Sonography - Reasons to Become a Sonographer in Washington

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There are several great reasons to consider a career as a sonographer in Washington. The salary of a sonographer ranges based on employer, education, and location. For example, the average salary of sonographers in Spokane is $47,000 and the average salary of sonographers in Seattle is $52,000. As long as you have received accreditation such as a degree and certification, you can enjoy employment at a number of different healthcare facilities throughout the state of Washington. The average national salary of sonographers working in the state of Washington as a whole is approximately $60,000, which is well above the $47,000 national average.

Among the top 5 schools to consider a sonography program in Washington include Bellevue College, Columbia Basin College, Seattle University, Spokane Community College, and Tacoma Community College. Do a search for accredited schools in Washington that offer diagnostic sonography programs to find out what school is closest to you. You may even want to consider an online school. However, attending a traditional college provides you with the hands on experience you need, especially since more employers require previous experience before they will consider hiring you. Upon completion of the program, you may be required to obtain additional certifications or pass certain exams.

There are several opportunities for you to expand and advance once you have acquired a position as a sonographer. If you are willing to put in the extra time and work, you can easily increase your salary, benefits, and experience. Make sure you also have great communication skills since you will be working closely with patients of varying ages. Consider asking for extra shifts so you can acquire extra hours at work. Extra work gains you more experience and a higher salary per year. If you put in enough work, you can gain plenty of recognition for yourself.

Choosing to work as a sonographer in Washington can be a great career move. If you are able you should prepare yourself as early on as high school. It is important that you excel in all of your classes but particularly in math and science. Once you begin the sonographer program, focus on what it has to offer. If you study hard enough and long enough, you can earn higher paying sonographer positions. Employers want to see that someone is dedicated to their work, especially if they want to earn advance in their position later on down the road. The purpose of programs is to help you succeed in the career of your choice.

On-Campus & Online Sonography Schools

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